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BioCop - New Technologies to Screen Multiple Contaminants in Foods

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The Project

Monitoring for Chemical Contaminant monitoring in foodstuffs is a highly important and complex issue. A huge investment in time and effort is placed on these activities by regulatory and industrial laboratories. As fresh demands from consumers and regulators grow to improve the food quality and safety, the need for improved technologies has never been greater. BioCop's innovative techniques will screen for multiple chemical contaminants in food to better support and ensure this goal Family Incest.

Workshops and Training

Biocop is now completing Year 4 and the project is very focused on demonstrating key components of the project to a wide range of scientific and non-scientific communities, researchers, food companies, policy makers and potential end users through a number workshops, training and demonstration events. The analyte-based WPs (WP5-10) in collaboration with the WP technology platforms (WP1-3) will organise a selection of events throughout the duration of the project.

Upcoming Workshop

Screening and confirmatory methods for the detection of heavy metals in food

BioCop are pleased to announce that their next workshop 'Biomarker Analysis for the Detection of illegal Anabolic Agents' will take place at the The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) in October 2009.

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Details of the BioCop upcoming workshop to be held at the Universita Degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata (URTV) on the 2nd - 3rd July 2009.


I International Symposium on Scientific Support to Innovation on Fish and Seafood Products
Location: Vigo (Spain)
Date: 13/09/2010
Local Host: Anfaco-Cecopesca
International Course on Advanced Food Anaysis
Location: Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Date: 25/10/2010
Local Host: VLAG and FP7 EU Project Conffidence
Advanced tools for shelf-life and safety prediction in the food chain
Location: Parque Tecnologico de Bizkaia, Derio, Spain
Date: 25/10/2010
Local Host: Food Research Division (AZTI-Tecnalia)
European Flag and CORDIS Sixth Framework Programme LogoAn Integrated Project Funded by the European Commission under the Food Quality and Safety Priority Thematic Area.
Contract Number: FOOD-CT-2005-006988
Project Co-ordinator: Prof. Chris Elliott Queen's University Belfast
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