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BioCop - New Technologies to Screen Multiple Contaminants in Foods


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Biocop Consumer Workshop 2006
Details of the first BioCop consumer workshop held in Budapest on the 12th May 2006.
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10-11 Jan 05

BioCop Pre-launch Meeting
Location: The Innovation Centre, Titanic Quarter, Belfast, UK
Local Host: Prof. Chris Elliott

14-14 Mar 05

Marine Biotoxin Cluster Meeting (BioCop, BioTox, BiotoxMarin, DetecTox)
Location: European Commission Buildings, Brussels, Belgium
Local Host: Ms. Dyanne Bennink

15-16 Mar 05

BioCop Kick-off Meeting
Location: European Commission Buildings, Brussels, Belgium
Local Host: Prof. Chris Elliott
    Website: >

22-22 Oct 05

First North American Workshop on 'Biosensor Application for Food Safety and Analysis'
Location: Sir Frederick Banting Research Centre, 1 Ross Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0L2
Local Host: Sheryl Tittlemier and Samuel Ben Rejeb

07-08 Nov 05

BioCop First Annual Meeting
Location: Institute of Chemical Technology - Prague Czech Republic
Local Host: Dr. Jana Hajslova

05-08 Dec 05

IBC Life Sciences Antibody engineering - Forging a Vision for the 21st Century
Location: San Diego Conference Centre, San Diego, USA
Local Host: Markus Vehniäinen

13-13 Feb 06

BioCop Annual Review
Location: European Commission, Brussels
Local Host: European commission

29-30 Mar 06

4th Fresenius Conference ''Residues and Contaminants in Food''
Location: Institut fresenius, Cologne, Germany
Local Host: Die Akademie Fresenius

28-28 Apr 06

Environmental Contaminants Workshop
Location: University of Liege
Local Host: Environmental contaminants Consortium
Email: [email protected]

10-12 May 06

The Ninth World Congress on Biosensors
Location: Sheraton Centre, Toronto, Canada
Local Host: Janet Seabrook

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