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BioCop - New Technologies to Screen Multiple Contaminants in Foods


Queen's University, Belfast
Prof. Chris Elliott
United Kingdom - Northern Ireland
Telephone: + 44 (0)28 9097 6549

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BioCop Competitive Call - Closed for applications

Announcement of a Competitive Call for an Additional Project Partner.

The BioCop Project wishes to recruit a new partner from a laboratory organisation to join BioCop's existing consortium at the beginning of Year 4 and thereon for the remainder of the project.

The call is only for a single set of activities, for which only one successful proposer will be selected. The participation of the new partner is required to carry out certain validation, training and demonstration activities within the project.

Paper submission is only available for this call, all proposals must arrive at the address specified below no later than the 23rd April 2008; 17h00 (GMT) , please note that this is an extension to the deadline that was originally scheduled (27th February 2008; 17h00 (GMT) We would like to thank those of you that have submitted a proposal, the extension of deadline will not affect what you have submitted.

Please note: A proposer may submit more than one version of their proposal, for example if an error is discovered and you wish to send a corrected version before the call closes. If multiple paper versions are submitted, the one which was last to arrive before the close of call will be evaluated.

As mentioned within the Guidelines for proposers, we are unable to open your proposals until after the revised call deadline, on doing so we will contact all proposers with receipt of proposal, all proposals received to date have been recorded.

Paper submission is only available for this call, all proposals must arrive at the address specified below.

Attn: Prof. Chris Elliott (Project Co-ordinator)
Agri-Food and Land Use,
School of Biological Sciences,
Room 1209A David Keir Building,
Stranmillis Road
Northern Ireland

Proposers are reminded that it is their own responsibility to ensure that the submission of their proposal arrives in time.

Competitive Call Information

Proposers are strongly recommended to familiarise themselves with the model contract for Integrated projects and the consortium agreement for this project, before deciding whether they wish to proceed with a proposal.

What is an Integrated Project (IP)?
An overview of what an Integrated project comprises and how such a project is implemented can be found at:

The 6th Framework Programme in Brief
This brochure gives a brief overview of FP6.

The model contract and it's annexes for Integrated projects
This specifies the contractual terms and conditions with the Commission, to which your organisation must agree if you are selected to join the project consortium.

The Consortium Agreement
This specifies the agreements made between the existing contractors concerning the management of this project. To obtain a copy of this please fill out the form below.

Full Call Text
This text is prepared by the existing project. It provides a brief outline of the project, describing in detail the tasks within the project which are open for proposals, the deadline and address for proposal submission and the Estimated costs and funding for the tasks.

Guide for Proposers
The Guide for Proposers contains the basic information needed to assist you in preparing your proposal to join an existing Integrated project. It shows examples of the proposal forms which comprise Part A of a proposal, and also provides instructions on how to write Part B. Both parts are required to make a complete proposal. It also describes details for submission, and the criteria by which it will be evaluated.

How to prepare a proposal
The proposal comprises of Part A and B, both are to be submitted together.

Part A is a set of three forms, A1, A2 and A3 which collect necessary administrative data about the proposal and the proposer. Please use the below downloadable forms to complete Part A.
Part B comprises of a structure or list of headings which should be followed, all sections need to be completed.

For full details of preparing your proposal please refer to the ''Guide for proposers'' document.

As soon as possible after the close of call, an Acknowledgment of receipt will be mailed to you. The sending of an Acknowledgement of receipt does not imply that a proposal has been accepted as eligible for evaluation.

Further Information and Correspondence
e-mail address for further information and assistance: [email protected]

If you would like a copy of the existing consortium agreement or have any queries, please fill in the form below.
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